Welcome back to what promises to be a very exciting school year. This will be the last school year for Havelock School. The school is slated to be closed in June of 2017 and students will enter the new school being built on the property for September of 2017.  This means that this year’s grade 5 class will be the last graduating class from Havelock and those students registering in the fall for kindergarten will be the first to begin at the new building along with students from St. Patrick’s and Seawood Schools.
I have been privileged to have been the principal of Havelock school since 1999. The first immersion class started with me and I have enjoyed seeing the countless number of students that have entered Havelock as kindergarten students and left in grade five. I have watched the community evolve and grow and have been pleased to work with the families and staff members who have been associated with Havelock over the years.
Havelock and the community have had a dedicated tradition of working towards growing students who are good citizens and care about others. I am sure that they will continue to make us proud of them in the future.
Mrs. Cynthia Freeman King
Principal, Havelock School
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