Beaconsfield Middle School is located overlooking Partriage Island on the Bay of Fundy in the Fundy Heights area of West Saint John, N.B. The school offers a middle school English and Early French Immersion curriculum to a student population of approximently 185 students in grades 6 through 8. School organization is by team for each grade level.
We are a community school serving students from lower Sand Cove Road and Fundy Heights area on one end, to the students who live in lower West Side as far as River View at the other end of the school zone.
The majority of students are within walking distance to the school, however, students from the end of Sand Cove Road are bussed.
Each classroom is internet accessible with computers in each classroom. A staff of 15 teachers meet the educational needs of students. The special needs population is fully integrated and the support of an FTE of 1.2 Methods and Resource suuport to assist regular classroom teachers as well as 6 Educational Assistants and an School Intevention Worker to help adapt the varying curriculums to the needs of each student. In addition to the teaching staff, there are two full time custodians and a full time Administrative Assistant. The school also engages the support of a large contingent of parent, business and community volunteers for associated programs.
The staff is firmly committed to providing a quality education for all students. This means maintaining a positive learning environment, with a variety of educational opportunities, which will encourage all students to reach their optimum potential.
Our Beliefs:
Beaconsfield Middle School will provide a quality education for all students regardless of ability, in a safe, orderly learning environment.
Beaconsfield Middle School will encourage all students to learn to the best of their abilities, and contribute to the positive climate of the school and community.
The school mission is based on the following beliefs:
·         All students can learn and individual differences must be respected
·         The focus of the teachers must be to teach students to learn and each student must be approached with high expectations for success
·         The school environment must be safe, orderly and inviting for both students and staff
·         Learning outside the classroom must be recognized and valued
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