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June 19
Monday June 19th, 2023

​Here are your morning announcements for Monday June 19th, 2023. 

*The announcements posted today reflect those which were read this morning. Please be aware that changes could occur during the day (cancellations, etc.) and we might not be able to amend them.  

Target Locations: This week the grade 8 groups will report to the courtyard, grade 6 groups will report to the field and grade 7 groups will report to the gym. 

Rotation Flow Chart: Gym --> Courtyard --> Field --> Gym 

Our grade 7 classes will be eating in their homerooms during their designated eating time this weekStaff, please follow the duty rotation sent out.  

Just a reminder if you have forgotten or need lunch, we have free lunches served from the library every day. Please go to the library at the beginning of your eating time to pick up your lunch.  

Library: No books can be checked out! Please ensure all books are returned to Ms. Neering ASAP. 

Clubs & Activities: Only announce today and tomorrow’s clubs  

This Week: Lets celebrate the Bayside Summer Countdown with Theme Days: Monday-Monochromatic/Memory, Tuesday-School Pride, Tacky Tourist Day, Wednesday-Workout Gear or Wacky and Wild clothes, Thursday-Tropical Thursday or Superhero and Villian Theme, Friday-Fun in the Sun/Tye Dye day. 


  • Dungeons & Dragons Club: We will meet in Mr. Carpenter’s room 114. Don’t forget to bring your lunch. 

  • Band – Trumpets Today at lunch  

  • Gardening club today in room 312. New members welcome!  



  • GIRL TALK is in Room 335 today during the first half of lunch with Ms. Nickerson. This group is for Grade 8 girls who want to join a community of girls who support girls. 

  • Activities Club Over for the year. 

  • Sports Club: Today in Mr Walls’ Room 309 both halves of lunch. You must come at the start of lunch to be permitted to join. 


  • Fitness ClubCANCELLED TODAY 



  • 3D Print Club – In Mme Hickey’s roomUse your 3D design skills to cut and engrave using the glowforge machine. Bring your lunch and come check it out! 

  • Renaissance Team: will be meeting in room 130 (Mme. Ferrar’s room) during the second half of lunch today. Don’t forget to bring poster making supplies. 

  • Art Club will meet today in the Art Room.  

  • Choir – practice  at lunch 





  • GSA – We will not be having a lunch meeting. We will meet in Mrs. Shannon’s room at 12:45pm before we head outside for our picnic 

  • Band ALL BAND STUDENTS turn in RENTED instruments and ALL SHEET MUSIC -   

  • Woodworking Club is cancelled today 




  • (Friday, May 19th) If you are interested in being on the Grade 8 Moving Up Dance Decorating Committee, please meet today in Ms. Nickerson’s room, Room 335, during the first half of lunch. All grades and staff are welcome to attend. 

  • Tech Crew – meet in the music room at lunch we will be reviewing upcoming jobs. 

  • The computer lab will be open  

  • Lori’s Room, Level-Up Room and Mrs. Smith’s room are closed today. ANy students who usually go there will have to stay with their classes in their designated zones.  


Additional Activity Notices:  


All Athletics-please return your uniform ASAP to the PE Team.  

Joke of the day: Only announce the corresponding day 

Monday: Quote of the week: They will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” - Carol Buehner 


Tuesday: Guess Who?  Last week’s “guess who” was Mr. Carpenter. Congrats to the many students who identified him, including Brook & Willow from 6 Welch. This week’s staff member lived on a tiny island in the South Pacific Ocean, taught art at a men's prison in the United States, and loves the Boston Celtics. Who are they? 


Wednesday: Fun fact of the week... Did you know that ketchup was originally sold as medicine? 

Thursday: The joke of the week is: How did the music teacher get locked out of her classroom?..... Her keys were on the piano. 

Friday: Break music....  


Have a good day Bayside, merci et bonne journée the stomper way! ​


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