Good morning, Raiders!                                                                                                                                June 8, 2020

The last week of the at-home Continuation of Learning plan is here! Please see out Learning Suggestions on our website under the Weekly Learning Suggestions tab, or attached below. Our teachers have worked hard to have engaging activities posted for our last week!

We are still awaiting an announcement for the plans for the Fall, so we are all “staying tuned” so to speak for any news on that front.

Please find the instructions for Report Card pick up attached to this document and that will happen beginning this Friday with the Grade 6s. Any remaining locker contents can be picked up with the home reports at the alloted time.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support over the last weeks. It has been a hard go for all of us and I truly think that we have all risen to the occasion. We are disheartened to have had to end the school year without our students with us, but we are that much more excited to see our Riaders (in some way/shape/form) in the fall. 

Please reach out if you have any questions and I truly wish you all a wonderful summer!


Schedule for Report Card Pick 2020.docxSchedule for Report Card Pick 2020.docx

RVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 6E.pdfRVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 6E.pdf

RVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 6FI.pdfRVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 6FI.pdf

RVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 7E.pdfRVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 7E.pdf

RVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 7FI.pdfRVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 7FI.pdf

RVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 8E.pdfRVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 8E.pdf

RVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 8FI.pdfRVMS Learning Suggestions Wk9 8FI.pdf