SVHS Announcements: Exam Schedule for January 2015


Exam Schedule for January 2015


‚ÄčStudents need to bring their text books to their exams in order to be eligible to write. Students may also return their text books to the library this week, if they are finished with them. The library will be open all day on Wednesday and Friday of this week. Please also check your lockers and return any library books that you may have signed out during the semester.

This is the time of year when we remind students to take care of all fees from the semester (student fees, activity fees, sports fees etc.), so that they are not added to the delinquent list.

Grade 10 PIF students please be on time for your French Interview as it is your final exam and provincially mandated (must do). Your teacher will be giving you an appointment time which will be during the exam week. Appointments will be scheduled on Wednesday, Jan.21 and Thursday, Jan. 22/15.

The January Exam Schedule is attached. Please check it to confirm exam times.



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