Millville Elementary School

​​Sustainability Study

The District Education Council, on May 21, 2015, voted in favour of undertaking a sustainability study of Millville Elementary School, under the process outlined in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Provincial 
Policy 409:  Multi-year School Infrastructure Planning.  

On January 29, 2016, the District Education Council for Anglophone West School District voted in favour to close Millville Elementary School and move students to Nackawic Elementary School.

The minister of Education and Early Childhood Development approved the recommendation on March 29, 2016.




 Millville Documents

Folder: 2.1  Policy 409 and Appendices
2.10  Millville Rationale for Capital Improvement Projects.pdf
2.11  Millville Community Flyer.pdf
2.12  Millville and Others - Public Posting.pdf
2.2  Millville Study Timeline.pdf
2.3  Millville Elementary School - School Report.pdf
2.4  Millville Elementary SchoolNB Schools TTFM 2014-15.pdf
2.5  Millville Elementary - Infrastructure Demographics.pdf
2.6  Millville - Financial Comparison Considering What-IfsRev.pdf
2.7  Millville Elementary.pdf
2.8  Keswick Valley.pdf
2.9  Millville School Pictures.pdf