Kingsclear Consolidated School

​​Sustainability Study 
The District Education Council (DEC), on January 26, 2017, voted in favour of undertaking a sustainability study of Kingsclear Consolidated School, under the process outlined in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Provincial Policy 409:  Multi-year School Infrastructure Planning.   

On May 4, 2017, the DEC voted in favour of tabling a decision on the outcome of the sustainability study on Kingscelar Consolidated School to February 2018. 


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2.01 - Policy 409.pdf
2.02 - Kingsclear Consolidated Timeline.pdf
2.03 - Kingsclear Demographics.pdf
2.04 - Fast Facts from January 2017 DEC Report.pdf
2.05 - Kingsclear Out of Catchment Data.pdf
2.06 - Kingsclear Study Enrolment Data for Adjacent Priestman Catchment Area.pdf
2.07 - Kingsclear Consolidated School History.pdf
2.08 - Kingsclear Study Enrolement Data Brookdale and Deerwood.pdf
2.09 - Kingsclear Number Comparisons.pdf
2.10 - Kingsclear Consolidated School Community Flyer.pdf
2.11 - Kingsclear Financial Comparison Considering What-Ifs.pdf
2.12 - Kingsclear Consolidated - Student Feedback The Learning Bar.pdf
2.13 - Kingsclear Consolidated - Report on Student Outcomes and School Climate - Our School.pdf