This page contains files from the Burton Stustainability Study that was conducted in 2011.

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 Burton Sustainability Study 2011 Files

Folder: Section-1-Communications-with-the-Minister
Folder: Section-2-General
Folder: Section-3-Written-Communication
Folder: Section-4-Public-Meeting1
Folder: Section-5-Public-Meeting2
Folder: Section-6-SupportingDocumentation
Folder: Section-7-Community
Folder: Section-8-Public-Meeting3
Folder: Section-9-Public-Meetings-AgendasandMinutes
Folder: Section-10-DEC-In-Camera-SessionsandAgendas
Letter to Parents - Decision to Maintain Status Quo.pdf
Table of Contents - Burton Sustainability Study 2011.pdf
Decision Letter to DEC Chair from Minister of Education - Dec. 2011.pdf
Letter to Minister - Motion to Conduct Sustainability Study - Nov. 2011.pdf