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June 21
High School Report cards

​'A' group student report cards will be available for pickup at the front office on June 24. 'B' group report cards available for pickup on June 25. Please email the admin assistant should you need alternate arrangements made gina.topolniski@nbed.nb.ca

June 21
Year End Student BBQ Thursday, June 24

​We did it! Student celebration bbq to be held for students K-8 on Thursday June 24. Hot dogs and other treats available free for all students. No need to bring a lunch unless you don't like bbq hot dogs! Send snacks and a drink though please :) 

April 01
Request to Connect
r2c4.pngFor students and families to gain support for normal stress and anxiety, personal concerns, and school or career development questions including postsecondary requests. Click on the "connect" image to the left.
May 28
Youth Adventure Summer Camps
This year, registrations for Youth Adventure Summer Camps will still be done online.
For customers who already have an online account, please verify if it works (username and password).
For new customers, contact the Sports Pavilion’s reception at 739-2122 for the creation of your account.
Online registrations will take place Thursday, June 6th, from 7 pm to 9 pm.
From the Edmundston City website www.edmundston.ca, select the REGISTRATION tab as shown below.
You will also find activity programs on the website of the city of Edmundston. If you do not have access to the internet, leaflets are available at the Sports Pavilion’s reception. For any questions, please contact us at 737-6762 or by email at aventure.jeunesse@edmundston.ca

April 11
Monthly calendar now available online

Please be advised that you can find our online calendar under quick links in the document section. (just in case your student did not remember to bring one home :)​

January 16
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