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September 14
Week of September 14, 2020

​Hi everyone, it was great to be back last week. Please have your child return all the forms that needed to be signed by Wednesday. If you want to order school clothing, here is the link and the code. https://perth-andovermiddleschool.entripyshops.com/​  (code: PAMS406F).  These are some of the things we will do in class this week.

FILA: I will show the students how to choose a good fit book and how to do a reading resonse.

Math: Stuents will practice multiplication tables, work with place value, adding and subtracting numbers.

SS: We will start discussing about Culture.

SC: Classification of living things.

Last, please talk with your child about the importance of speaking French in the classroom. They have been away for 6 months... A reward system/and activities are in place to encourage them to do so.

Have a great week!


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