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August 05
PAMS New Student Registration - 20-21


July 29
First day of School

back to school.PNG

​PAMS first day of school 2020-21 

PAMS will have a staggered entry to school in September 2020. 

Tuesday, Sept. 8th - Grade 6 only 

Wednesday, Sept. 9th - Grade 7 only 

Thursday, Sept. 10th - Grade 8 only 

Friday, Sept. 11th - all students return to school. 

Please check our website, facebook account and instagram in August for more return to school information. 

July 29
PAMS school supply / student fee

School supply information / Student fee

School supplies will be purchased for each student with the student fee.  The fee of $60 covers the cost of all classroom supplies as well as school performances, locker lock, BEARS t-shirt, art and technology supplies. It generally does not cover field trips.     

Students are responsible for indoor sneakers and a change of clothes for physical education, a book bag and lunch box. 

We encourage you to pay on-line using the cash on-line link on our website.  This will be available to all students in late August.  The fee can also be paid at school beginning the first day of school.  Fees are due by September 30th.​ 

June 17
voice mail - June 17

PAMS REMINDERS – June 17th, 2020  (voice mail)

take the survey.png

Parent Survey

All parents in the province are being contacted by teachers and asked to complete a short survey that will gather information about technology.  I am asking for your cooperation in answering the survey questions when a PAMS teacher calls your home this week. 

return books.jpgReport card pick up

Grade 6 and 7 - Students may pick up report cards tomorrow between 9 and 3pm.  Parents can drive up to the front door where staff will be handing out the report cards. 

Grade 8 - Students can get their report cards on Friday from 1 to 3pm.

All textbooks, library books and iPads are due when picking up report cards.


virtual gathering.pngVirtual student gathering

We are sending a big “Thank you” to the grade 6 and 7 students who joined our virtual gathering this afternoon. Grade 8 students are invited to join the virtual gathering Thursday at 2pm.  During this final event, grade 8 students will see a sneak peek of the 2020 leaving party video and the announcement of the student of the year. Check your student email for the link. If you didn’t receive an email invite, please call the school tomorrow morning 273-4760.

June 16
Voice mail - June 15

your invited.png

PAMS NEWS – June 15th, 2020  (voice mail)

Students are encouraged to check their student emails today.  There should be an invite to our first ever grade level team gathering. It’s a time to see friends and teachers one last time before summer break. If you didn’t receive an email invite, please call the school.  The grade 8 gathering will feature a sneak-peak to the leaving party celebration video.

 I wish all the grade 8’s the best of luck at SVHS and hope everyone has an active and safe summer.   


Mme. Dionne

Principal PAMS

June 15
Grade 7 boys and girls HPV clinic

horizon helath.JPG

Grade 7 Public Health School Immunization Clinics  (Boys & Girls)


Horizon Health Network Public Health will be offering the second dose of HPV (protection against the Human Papillomavirus) to complete the series that was started at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. It is very important to complete this series of vaccines to ensure your child develops the appropriate level of protection from the Human Papillomavirus.


This clinic will be June 22 and will be held at Perth-Andover Middle School          

Due to the Covid -19 Pandemic, and restrictions put in place, this clinic will be run differently then those completed in the schools. Please read the very important directions listed.

 1.     Students will be asked to arrive at the exact time that is identified in this letter.

2.     Students will be invited to attend in limited numbers based on first letter of their Last name.        

 A -F      10:00

G-P      10:30

Q-Z      11:00

3. Students are asked to enter the facility by themselves by the front door. They will exit by the back door and walk around the building to the parking lot.  Parents will wait in the front parking lot.  If the student is unable to attend independently, please contact Public Health to book an appointment at the Public Health Office.

4. Public Health staff will be present to ensure the physical distancing is maintained. We encourage you to discuss with your child the importance of maintaining physical distancing despite the possible excitement of seeing classmates.

5.Students will be screened for illness, travel, and contact with confirmed or suspected cases prior to entering the facility.

6. Walking, and waiting areas will be clearly marked and identified so students can maintain physical distance.

7. Hand sanitizer stations will be present throughout the facility and students will be encouraged to use them.

8. We welcome students to wear a mask if they have one, if not one will be provided to them.

9. Keep in mind as you are waiting for your child, they are required to complete a 15-minute wait after receiving the vaccine.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health office at 325-4732/325-4773.​ 


June 14

report card pick up.JPG

PAMS will have a DRIVE UP report card pick up on Thursday and Friday. Staff will be at the bottom of the front stairs presenting report card to students or parents.  To keep everyone safe, students and parents must remain in their vehicles

Grade 6 and 7 Thursday, June 18th from 9 - 3pm.  

Grade 8 -  Friday, June 19th from 1-3pm.  

  • ​Please return textbooks, library books and devices when you pick up your report card. 

June 10
Voice mail - June 8

Good afternoon parents and students, 

  • LEARNING PLANS : This week is the final week that students will be completing learning plans.  The themes for the week are food for grade 6,  summer memories for grade 7 and summer fun for grade 8 .
  • THEME DAYS : There are three theme days this week.  Students are encouraged to send pictures to their teacher to post on our facebook page and on instagram.  
    • Tuesday is show off your favorite outdoor activity
    • Wednesday is share your favorite PAMS memory
    • Thursday is the Tik Tok challenge finale 
  • EMAIL DRAW :  Students should sign into office 365 and send a final email their advisory teacher. Please tell them what you liked about the learning plans and what you found difficult.  The names of all students who send an email this week will be entered for a draw for a PAMS summer fun bag filled with treats.  By emailing your teacher using office 365 and outlook, we know that you are prepared for online learning in the future. Please save your username and password so you will have it for next year.    
  • REPORT CARDS: Our grade 6 and 7 students can pick up the report cards on Thursday, June 18th from 9 - 3pm.  Grade 8 report card pick up is on Friday, June 19th from 1-3pm.  Teachers will be on hand for a special farewell to our grade 8's on Friday afternoon.  Further instructions on how report cards will be distributed safely will be sent next Monday. 

I hope everyone has a great week and please don't hesitate to call the school if you should have any questions or concerns. 

Mme. Dionne

Principal, PAMS

June 02
Message from PAMS - June 2

Good morning from PAMS

I have two message this morning.  The first is a message to all students.  As you know, we are now in the last two weeks of your learning plans.  The theme in this week's lessons in grade 7/8 is "The Great Outdoors" while the grade 6's are working on "Sports".   There are many great learning activities for you, please visit the website and participate. We also have two theme days this week.  Today is Hat Day and tomorrow is Show off your Juggling Skills Day.  There is a PE learning plan about juggling on our site (April 6).  We would love to see a video of your juggling skills or your favorite hat. Our advisory teachers are hoping each of you will send them an email this week using outlook in office 365. Please share what activities you have completed, liked or had difficulty with.  If they don't hear from you, they will be calling your home to speak with you. 

The second message is for grade 8 students.  We know that the beginning of June marks a time when we traditionally are preparing for end of year celebrations.  We want you to know that we haven't forgotten about this important time.  We are currently working on virtual celebrations as well as certificates and yearbooks.  We have also been communicating with SVHS and transition to high school activities will take place before you go back to school. We know that you may be getting anxious thinking about moving on to high school, this is very normal.  Rest assured that the team at SVHS are anxious to meet you and will be working hard to help you with this big move.  These activities will take place in the fall.  If you have any questions in the meantime,  please call me at the school 273-4760.  

Have a great day everyone, 
Mme. Dionne

June 01
Message from our Superintendant and Deputy Minister
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