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March 31
Message to families from our Superintendent on March 27, 2020

March 27 

Please see the message below that was sent to all families. Thank you.

Good Evening Families of Anglophone West School District,

I wish to provide you with some updates and reminders pertaining to your child's schooling at this time.

  • School District and Department of Education officials continue to work on plans for a continuation of learning despite the closure of schools at the current time.  As noted in the recent memo from the Deputy Minister, students and parents should not expect specific instruction from their teachers until early April.  A plan for continued learning will be communicated with everyone when it is ready.  The current focus is on safety, health, well-being and families.
  • There will be no April Report Cards issued for this school year.  This is a province-wide decision.
  • In the interest of safety for all, school playgrounds are now closed for use by the public.  Signs will be posted as soon as possible to support this message.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • We have made some improvements to our website which will allow for easier access to relevant information and support.  We will continue to populate the site and I encourage you to visit it often.  The ASD-W website can be found at asd-w.nbed.nb.ca .  One helpful document, titled "Emotional Well Being Importance Connection", is found on the site and can be seen by connecting with this link:  https://secure1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-W/coronavirus/Wellness%20Documents/Emotional%20Well%20Being%20Importance%20Connection.pdf

We encourage you to respect the parameters in place in our province during the current State of Emergency, including social distancing.  We all have a part to play in minimizing the risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you.

David McTimoney, Superintendent​


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