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January 15
January 2019 Exam Schedule

McAdam High School Exam Schedule

Monday, January 23, 2017 – Monday, January 30, 2017

9:00am – 11:00am


  1. Students MUST be in their exam classes by 8:50am for O’Canada and announcements.

  2. Students MUST stay in their classes for at least 90 minutes for a 2-hour exam and at least 60 minutes for a 1.5 hour exam.

  3. Students MUST leave quietly to accommodate those still writing exams.

  4. Students MUST return all textbooks before the end of exam period to receive report cards.

  5. In the event of one or more storm days during the examination week, the whole exam schedule moves forward by one or more day.

  6. High School students do not attend school on Monday January 28th or Tuesday January 29th as these are turnaround days.  Semester 2 begins January 30, 2019.



Mon., Jan. 21st

Tues., Jan. 22nd

Wed., Jan. 23rd

Thurs., Jan. 24th


BBT (Kelly)


ELPA (Graham)

Math (Anderson)


HePe (Robinson)

Science (Anderson)

Math (Anderson)



Math 11 (Anderson & Fletcher)


Chemistry (Fletcher)

Human Physiology (Fletcher)


PreCal 12a (Fletcher)

Media Studies (McCarron)

English (Falconer)


Canadian Geography (Robinson)

Leadership (Robinson)



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