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April 27
Week 3 of Distanced Learning Opportunities


​While this unprecedented time is definitely challenging, we hope you are finding the highlights each day.  We know that seeing our students hard at work always brings a smile to our teachers and staff's faces.

Please keep in regular contact with your child's homeroom teacher.  They should be sending out a weekly e-mail and be trying to contact you semi-regularly on the phone as well, just to ensure things are going smoothly both with the work and in general.  We are a community, and as such KVMS wants to help support our families as best we can.

Mrs. Bourgoin started the activity tracker challenge today!  See her teacher page, MS Teams, the Facebook page, or e-mail her for more information.  

Remember, we love to see our students working hard, so if you'd like your child to be featured in these messages, just send your photos along to their homeroom teacher with a note saying they have permission to be on the website!  

Take care Coyotes!


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