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November 28
2023 Yearbooks on Sale

​Please see the link below to purchase your 2022-2023 high school yearbook. K-8 yearbooks will be available later in the year. 


October 18

Please see the attached Newsletter below that was created by the HCS Journalism class. 

October Newsletter (1).pdfOctober Newsletter (1).pdf

June 02
2022-2023 Course Selection Guide
April 05
International Host Families Wanted!

Open your home and heart to an international student! The NB International Student Program is seeking homestays for visiting international students for short term (2-4 months), one semester, and full school year. International students come to improve their English, attend our schools and live with a New Brunswick family. Host families provide students with their own bedroom, nutritious meals, Wi-Fi, and welcome the student as a member of the family.  Part of the responsibilities include support and transportation to and from school and program activitiesHomestay families receive a stipend of $750/month to cover expenses.


Hartland Community School appreciates the support of our staff and host families who make this program possible at our school.  

June 30
Grade 9 Laptop Initiative for September 2021

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Bring Your Own Device program is for students in grades 9 to 12.  A laptop or tablet is a required tool to support learning in these grades. This program will allow for more personalized learning opportunities to help better prepare students for post-secondary education and the workplace.

The Department understands that purchasing a new device may be a financial pressure for families. In response, the department has launched a financial assistance program for low to middle income families.

Under the program, parents and guardians can choose between purchasing a device and applying for reimbursement or applying for a subsidy code and ordering a laptop through IMP Solutions.  Depending on your household income, your child could qualify for between $200 to $600 of subsidy. 

For the full details of this program, including the criteria for eligibility and required device specifications please visit: Laptop Subsidy Program (gnb.ca)

What if I am ineligible and need a device?

If you are ineligible to receive a subsidy but would like to take advantage of a discounted price for the laptop, you may still buy it through IMP Solutions. You may access their site at https://eecdsd-edpeae.impsolutions.com.

Your unique code to claim this discounted price is: B298-8BA4-3C44-4159.

Microsoft Office software is provided for all students.

 General Questions

·         Get answers to frequently asked questions

·         Call 1-833-901-1963

o   Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

o   Sat, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

·         Email us at EECDRTS-EDPERAE@gnb.ca

August 30
Cash Online Payment System

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