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August 21
Information Bulletin #3

Bulletin 3  Hygiene.docxBulletin 3 Hygiene.docx

Hartland Community School Covid-19 Bulletin

Bulletin #3

August 21, 2020


Wellness Practices


Handwashing - All students will be required to wash/sanitize their hands each time they enter the building. K-5 students will wash their hands in their classroom, while 6-12 students will have access to hand sanitizer in their classrooms. Students are encouraged to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with them for when handwashing is not possible. We will be providing hand sanitizer in all common areas, as well as the gyms.


Community Masks – K – 5 students will be encouraged to wear a community mask when they are inside the school in common areas or outside of their classroom. 6 – 12 students will be required to wear a community mask whenever they are outside of their classrooms. K – 8 students will not be required to wear a community mask while in classrooms. 9 – 12 students will only be required to wear a community mask in a classroom if a physical distance of 1 meter cannot be maintained.

Students are encouraged to have more than one community mask, if possible, and it should be cleaned each evening. Staff will also be required to wear community masks while in all common areas and when 1 meter of physical distancing (high school) is not possible. All visitors, with pre-arranged appointments, must wear a community mask as well while in the school.


Water Bottles – All students are encouraged to have their own water bottle, clearly labelled with their name on it. Students will not have access to water fountains, but will have access to bottle refill stations in various areas throughout the school.


Washroom Access – All washrooms at HCS will be limited to 3 people at a time in order to accommodate the required physical distancing recommendations. All washrooms will be cleaned at least 3 times per day.


Cleaning – EECD has agreed to provide schools with extra custodial time to allow for more frequent cleaning of our schools throughout the day. All handrails, doorknobs, etc. (high touch areas) will be cleaned throughout the day at least twice and bathrooms will be cleaned three times per day. High school students will be asked to clean their desks at the end of each period before another class enters the room to limit the potential spread of Covid-19. Younger students will also be asked to keep their desks clean and may help teachers with the cleaning, if needed.


Symptoms – Parents/guardians are expected to screen their children each day prior to sending them to school. If a student is displaying 2 or more symptoms of Covid-19, the student is not to attend school and you are to call 811 for guidance. If a student displays 2 or more symptoms at school, they will be taken to the health room, be required to wear a mask and parents/guardians must come to the school immediatel​


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