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August 18
Information Bulletin #1

Bulletin 1  Building Access.docxBulletin 1 Building Access.docx

Hartland Community School Covid-19 Bulletin

Bulletin #1

August 18, 2020


Building Access


This information bulletin will provide guidance for parents and students on when and how they will be able to access HCS during the 2020-2021 school year.



Bus arrivals will be staggered at HCS with the first bus arriving at 7:50 and unloading prior to the arrival of the next bus. Busses will unload K-2 students at the primary entrance, proceed to the main entrance to unload the 3-8 students and then proceed to the end of the building to unload high school students. High school students must use the end doors to access the building.

- Bus departures – Students will be loaded one bus at a time at the end of the day. We will start to load busses at 2:40 and our last bus should depart by 2:55.


Student Drop-off / Pick-up

-          Drop Off / Arrival - Students will not be able to access the building until 7:50. All students that are driven to school must access the building from the drop off zone at the back of the building. Access to the school from the front of the building will be limited to bus students and staff only. High school students that drive themselves to school must park in the student parking area and access the building from the end doors facing the soccer field. If they are transporting younger siblings, they are asked to drop them off in the drop off area and then proceed to park.

-          Pick Up – All students that need to be picked up throughout the school day will require a parent to call the school. Arrangements will be made for the student to meet thier parent/guardian outside the school.

End of day pick up – K-2 students may be picked up between 2:00 – 2:10 at the primary doors. This information is to be communicated to the teacher with a written note in the morning. 3-8 students may be picked up at 2:45 at the back of the building. 9-12 students may be picked up at 2:50 at the back of the building. Parents will park in the left lane and depart in the right lane, similar to morning drop off.

Town students – all students that walk to and from school will be dismissed at 2:50.


School Access

-          School access will be limited to students and staff only during the instructional day. Parents/guardians will be able to access the school with scheduled appointments only. All visitors to the school must wear a community face mask and wash their hands upon entering the school. Teachers and parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate via email and phone to ensure adequate contact with regards to student progress.​ 


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