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November 01
ASD-W Transportation Town Hall Session
There is an ASD-W School Bus Transportation meeting Wednesday, November 27. See attached link for details.
This Town Hall meeting will be a general meeting for the public who live in all areas of ASD-W to ask questions and learn information on the topic of Transportation in ASD-W.  A presentation will be provided that will include information on the following:
  • Staffing Complement for District and how it relates to EECD
  • Relative Legislation
  • Relative Policy
  • Current standards
  • Current numbers (buses, drivers, kilometers, runs, students, money, averages, times, etc.)
  • Current practices and tools that we have demonstrated
  • Current challenges
  • Locations of bus stops
  • Snow days (process and statistics)

2019 Town Hall Meeting - Transportation.pdf2019 Town Hall Meeting - Transportation.pdf


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