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​The Enterprise Program 

An Alternative Education Program 

Provided by: Anglophone West School District

April 2, 2020
Enterprise students and families,

 First, we would like to let you know that we are thinking of you and hope that you are all well. We understand that this is a strange and difficult time and we would like to let you know that we are here for you in whatever way we are able to be. The Enterprise team will be working remotely during this time to ensure that you are able to access both our academic as well as our guidance services to the best of our ability.

As many of you are already aware, you are still able to access your course work via Brightspace (the website you used while at the Centre). You can access this from your computer, tablet, or phone. All of your courses are now available there. The website is located here: https://nbvhs-nbed.brightspace.com/ . For those of you who require technical support, or need their username/password information or reset, please e-mail Mr. Hobbs at peter.hobbs@nbed.nb.ca.

Students in the Enterprise Program are still required to complete all of the Enterprise courses in order to graduate this year.   The Provincial Government’s announcement today stipulated that grade 12 students who were on track to graduate and had completed 12 credit courses (from grade 11 and 12) in January would be assured they will graduate.  At this point, this does not apply to any students currently enrolled in Enterprise.  We encourage students to spend at least 2.5 hours a day on your course work in order to reach their graduation goals.

       Your instructors will also be available to you as we move forward. They will do their best to be there to answer your questions during regular school hours. They will also be marking all of your assignments remotely. We ask that if you have questions regarding your course worksend a pager message to your instructor inside the Brightspace website (there is now a tutorial on the main Enterprise Sandbox page on how to do this), or send them an email. Instructor emails are as follows: 

       - Ms. MacDonald – shannon.e.macdonald@nbed.nb.ca 

       - Mr. Grimmer – adam.grimmer@nbed.nb.ca

      Our guidance counsellor, Ms. Gibbs, will also be available for those who might need support. If students or families need to gain support for normal stress and anxiety, personal concerns, and school or career development questions, Ms. Gibbs can be reached via email at erin.gibbs@nbed.nb.ca 

 Students and families are still able to contact us via our Facebook page found at: https://www.facebook.com/EnterpriseFredericton . We will be posting any relevant updates to this site and will be monitoring it for any messages. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We are here for you in the time ahead.

Be well,

The Staff of the Enterprise Centre​

The Enterprise Program is for students ages 17-21 who may be at risk of dropping out of high school or who are not currently attending school.  Students are referred to the program by the administration of their zoned high school.  Students earn their high school diploma by working individually and at their own pace through the required academic credits.  

Mission Statement
to provide a positive learning environment, where staff works collaboratively to support individual success, through student centered programs 

The Program Offers: 
  • A safe, quiet, relaxed environment conducive to learning.
  • Staff dedicated to employing a holistic approach to student learning and wellness.
  • A smooth transition into the world of work or post-secondary education.
  • A program that meets or exceeds GED standards
Enterprise is located in Fredericton High School.  The Centre follows the same school calendar as ASDW High Schools.  Students attend half days. 
  • Morning Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 8:30-11:45
  • Afternoon Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 1:00-3:30
The Enterprise Program’s curriculum is based upon the prescribed New Brunswick graduation requirements.  Students utilize the same textbooks and materials, and meet the same curriculum outcomes as provincial high schools.  
Students study math, english, science, social studies, technology, and personal development.  The program consists of self-paced and self-directed academic programs facilitated by teachers who provide individual instruction. 

Work Experience:
All students are required to complete 150 hours of work experience.  These hours are to be confirmed by each student’s former or present employer.  The Enterprise Centre staff will review each student’s work experience status on an individual basis.  Our staff will connect students to work experience and training programs as needed. 

Referral Process:
Completed applications will be accepted from ASDW administration once school-based interventions have occurred. All applications are to be submitted to the Education Centre electronically.
Applications will only be accepted for youth who are registered in an ASDW High School and are at least 17 years old. 
Upon receipt of referral, students will be placed on a waiting list.  When an opening in the program becomes available, students will be contacted for an intake meeting interview. 

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a diploma from their respective high school  issued by the Department of Education.  The students’ transcript from The Enterprise Program is recognized by various colleges and educational institutions across the province.  Graduates from the Enterprise Program may apply for any programs which call for a High School Diploma as the admission requirement.   The Enterprise Centre conducts their own graduation ceremony in June where students will receive their diplomas.

Student Responsibilties:  
  • Complete all required academic work
  • Attend on a daily basis 
  • To take responsibility for their own learning
  • Respect staff, students and themselves
  • Complete 150 hours of work experience or an approved training program