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April 05
SEED Applications Now Available!

The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) is pleased to inform you that the new Student Employment and Experience Development (SEED) application forms for students and employers are now available online. Students in grade 12 looking for summer work, may access the forms and apply directly online at www.NBjobs.ca.
To ensure that the needs of today’s students continue to be met, the review to the program brought important changes:
·         Student-Oriented Process: the summer positions are distributed to students.
·         Employers interested in providing students with a work experience submit online applications and will be added to an inventory. They can submit at any time (no deadline). The student selection process starts in mid-April and will continue until all positions have been allocated.
·         SEED is now open to private and non-profit sectors to provide students with a broad range of opportunities in the occupation or industry related to their field of study.


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