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November 16
Diversity and Respect Week at CNHS

November 16th to November 20th marks Diversity and Respect Week in our school district.  At Carleton North High School, we will have various activities, discussions and videos throughout the week to support our theme, which is “Be Positive/Post Positive.”  Students arrived this morning to find a positive note on their locker, and we want to continue this theme throughout the week by asking students to post positive comments to their friends, classmates and teachers on the Positive Post-It wall outside of Guidance.    We also want to encourage students to pledge to post the positive to others every day, whether in texts, messages, on face book, twitter, letters, or other in other ways.

At CNHS, we want to embrace our differences, be accepting of one another, and extend our hand to help others.  Remember “Let’s be positive and post positive.”


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