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November 03
Virtual Post-Secondary Opportunities Fairs - AARAO FAIRS

​The AARAO Tour (the group of over 30 colleges and universities that used to come to the CNHS gym) will instead be hosting a series of VIRTUAL FAIRS this year.  These virtual fairs will be taking place from November 17th - 30th.    

All events will be open, free of charge, to ALL STUDENTS AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS, who choose to register in advance (up to a maximum of 1000 attendees).  

PLEASE VISIT www.aarao.ca/fairs to register in advance, and also to explore all of the AARAO colleges and universities that will be presenting to make sure you know all of your options!

***PLEASE NOTE that all presentations will also be live-streamed, recorded, and shared on the "AARAO Executive" YouTube page for 24/7 viewing. 


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