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February 27
Course Preferences and Selections Information

​Hello Grades 10 and 11 Students and Families,

Next year, you will be entering either grades 11 or 12, depending on which grade you are in now.  It is the time of the year to take a look at courses offered next year, and to select your preferences.  

To the right, under Guidance - Course Selections, you will see a "Grade 11 Course Selection Planning Guide 2019-20" and a "Grade 12 Course Selection Planning Guide 2019-20".  Please use these forms as a guide to select the courses you will take next year.  To do this, you will also need to take a look at the booklet to the right titled "2019-2020 Course Selection Guide for Grades 11 and 12" to view the information needed to make your choices.  All of the information needed is in this booklet.  A hard copy of these forms and booklet will also be sent home with students on Thursday, February 28th.  

We are asking that students and parents/guardians review these over March Break and work on a draft copy of their course preferences/selections. 

After the March break, beginning on Tuesday, March 12th, students will have the opportunity to ask teachers, resource, guidance and administration questions to ensure proper completion of the forms.  Teachers help students work on completing these in class the first week back.



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