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November 04
Career Week and Take Our Kids to Work

This week in the Anglophone West School District there will be a focus on career development.  This will provide an opportunity for youth to be better informed in setting the course for their future.  This is a great opportunity for you to encourage discussion with your child about career development and the important role of education in assisting them with meeting their career goals.  There will be guest speakers coming into various classes to speak about career opportunities in New Brunswick, labour market information, career pathways, job skills, technology-related careers, and more.  Check out the career information and resources that parents and students can use to explore potential careers in the documents to the right of this blog.

In addition to this: the grade 9 students will be participating in Take Our Kids to Work Day today, Wednesday, November 4th.  All students are encouraged to check out the career posters in the B wing hallway at school, and the grade 12 students are encouraged to meet with college, university and career representatives that regularly come to CNHS.  
*Also, all grade 12 students are reminded to bring in the two consent forms that were handed out to them in September.  These forms must be signed by your parents, and submitted to the office. 


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