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March 27
HS English - Report Card Reminders

Reports Cards are just around the corner! ​​​

Progress (30%):

Don't forget that conferences are Wednesday, March 28th and Thursday, March 29th. Make sure that you have your folder and supporting documents when you come to defend your mark.

Products (30%):

Make sure that you have all assignments submitted by the end of day on Thursday:

 * Writing and Representing (10%)
Grade 9 - Blackout poem or O Captain My Captain Choice Assignment
Grade 10 - 3 Haiku and 1 Advanced Acrostic or ​Gather Ye Rosebuds Choice Assignment
Gade 11 - Faux Poe Assignment or Seven Ages of Man Choice A​​ssignment

* Reading and Viewing (10%)
Grade 9 - O Captain My Captain Close Read
Grade 10 - Gather Ye Rosebuds Close Read
Grade 11 - Seven Ages of Man Close Read

* Speaking and Listening (10%)
Poetry Cafe

Practice (40%):

Based on ongoing class work and assignments. Keep working hard!​


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