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November 27
C-NCS Move to Orange Zone

Hello Anglophone West School District Families,

As of midnight, tonight (Thursday, November 26), Health Zone 3 (Fredericton Region) will move to the Orange Alert Recovery Level.

I understand the stress and anxiety that this may cause and would like to assure you that we continue to work closely with Public Health and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to do our best in ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of our students and staff.

The Orange alert phase means staff and students will be required to follow enhanced safety measures, which include increased mask use at all grade levels and limits certain activities. Extra-curricular music activities, such as choir and band are not permitted. Sports activities are limited to practices within a single team. Full details of these directives are outlined in the Orange Level Directives for Early Learning and Childcare Facilities and Schools (link below). Please take the time to review this document in full.

We have some ASD-W students and staff who live and work in Health Zone 4, which is currently in the Yellow Recovery level (there may be a rare occasion of a staff member living in Health Zone 5 or 7, also in the Yellow). Anyone in these zones who travel to Zone 3 (Fredericton Region), must self-monitor and follow enhanced mask protocols while at school. They must also follow the parameters outlined in the Orange Level Directives document, referred to above.  Health Zone 3 includes 67 of our 69 schools (does not include John Caldwell School in Grand Falls and St. Mary's Academy in Edmundston).

At this time, please also refer to the "Return to School – Direction for School Districts and Schools" document, which sets provincial expectations and standards for the safe operation of our schools during the pandemic.

For more information on the provincial response to COVID-19, including information on Health Zones and Recovery Levels, please refer to the following website:


As a final note, I encourage all ASD-W families to be diligent with wearing masks, hand-washing, and social distancing. It is through these small actions that we can make a huge impact on keeping our community safe.

I will write to you again early next week.


David McTimoney, Superintendent​



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