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December 13
Week of Dec 16

T'is the week before the holidays and the students are wound up tight
with practice for the concert all with in sight.

Wednesday at 6 the students will be singing
with sounds of your lose change added to the jar of giving

Christmas shopping will take place for students K-5
Monday is the day to send your list for kids to buy

Tuesday will be the day for 6-12 to shop
be sure to remind them so you will not be forgot

A school wide turkey dinner will be served on Monday at noon
For volunteers who got our invitations we hope see you soon

With 5 more days to go we beg of you for this
Keep the kids with bedtimes and the sugar can go amiss

For the teachers have worked hard each day and all day long
and this help from mom's and dad's we too will sing a song

We made it, we did it, we were worried we would drop
But thanks to your kids who make us smile and lots of coffee pots



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