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December 02
Youth Vaping

Concerns About Youth Vaping In New Brunswick

Saint John, NB, Canada / Country 94
Concerns About Youth Vaping In New Brunswick
A report on kids and mental health struggles shows many are falling into the teenage pitfalls of drinking, drugs and tobacco, but one issue is really on the rise.
NB Health Council CEO Stephane Robichaud says vaping is really becoming an issue.
“There have been significant increases overall from about low 20’s to about 30 per cent of youth tried vaping in the last year which is worrisome,” Robichaud said.
He says even though it is on the rise, there doesn’t seem to be any pattern or clusters emerging according to their data.
“[There is] no rhyme or reason as to parts of the province that are seeing bigger increases, for example, Saint John has seen a bigger increase than the provincial average but so has some of our rural communities as well,” Robichaud said.


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