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What is the Home & School Association?
We are a volunteer board comprised of concerned parents, teachers and school administration.  We serve as a link between parents and the school.  Have you ever wondered how you could make your child’s school experience a positive one?  Come and join us in any way you feel able.  There are many ways you can help: become a member of the board, serve on one of our committees, volunteer at the school and/or use your skills to enhance the school.   Even a few hours or moments of your time can make a huge difference.
What are the Home and School's Current Goals?
- Contribute financially to each classroom to enhance the education of our children.
- Playground equipment, groundwork and safety
- Special events promoting school spirit: 
- Volunteers are needed to assist with:  playground duty, library, fluoride distribution, safe arrival and special events coordination (see detailed Volunteer Opportunities Sheet for more information).
- Fundraising:  School wide participation and support is required to meet our annual financial obligations as well as any special projects. 
When does the Home and School Association Meet?
The Home and School meets in the Blank Room on the second Tuesday of each month from 7-8 pm.  Everyone is welcome.  The meetings are a great way to find out about school activities.
What events does the Home and School organize each year?
List here.

How do I become a volunteer at this school?
To become a volunteer  a criminal record check and a volunteer information sheet must be completed.  The information sheets are available at the office or by referring to documents section on this page..  You may also contact this person.


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