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April 30
Message from administration

Families are being given the opportunity to visit the school to gather personal belongings. However, due to restrictions that are in place, this visitation is limited to 10 minutes and to specific dates and times. These visitations will take place between 10am and 2pm each day from May 4th through May 7th. This schedule, along with specific guidelines, will be posted on the school website. The visitation schedule is as follows:

  • ​Monday, May 4th – K Arbeau, Grade 1 Robinson, Grade 3 Thomas, Grade 6 Robinson
  • Tuesday, May 5th – K Pearson, Grade 4 Monteith, Grade 7 Hitchcock
  • Wednesday, May 6th – Grade 2 Debertin, Grade 5 Niles, Grade 8 Foster
  • Thursday, May 7th – additional day allocated for scheduling conflicts

We ask that you appreciate that there may be “wait times” as there is a limit of 2 visitations per classroom at any given time. The 2-meter social distancing requirement needs to be respected. Each family will only be allowed 1 parent or guardian and 1 student per classroom visit. Visitors will be asked to enter though the school’s main entrance and will be required to leave from the side or rear of the building. These exists will be clearly labelled.

Parents or guardians planning to pick up personal belongings for multiple children are asked to attend on the designated day of their youngest child. Upon arrival, when signing in, please notify the staff member that you need to visit multiple classrooms. Regardless of having multiple children, you will only be allowed to visit 1 classroom with 1 child at a time. Remaining children will be asked to wait at a designated area by the office. Parents are welcome to collect items without children should they be confident in what they are collecting. Families are not required to pick up personal items and should not feel obligated to do so. There will be no social element to this visitation and unfortunately no opportunity to catch up with teachers and other staff members that may be present.

If there is a scheduling conflict, parents or guardians are asked to contact the school via phone message to arrange another time to visit but please note that we are limited to the May 4th to May 7th dates at this time.

Your cooperation during this process is greatly appreciated!​

Update: belongings will be ready and stored in hallways outside K-2 homerooms for easy pickup starting Monday. Parents or guardians of students in grades 3-8 will gather belongings from lockers and classrooms. Garbage bags will be available.​


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