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September 07

​​Welcome Back to all of our returning Chompers and Welcome to all of our new Chompers joining us at UMES


GRADE 5First Semester will be Intensive French

HEAD LICE: Last year we had recurring head lice issues. Students are not permitted at school with live lice and must be checked prior to resuming classes

GRADES K - 5​There are no more "bubbles" allowing for more opportunities within our school. Masks must be worn in common areas

STUDENT FEES: Payable online through Cashless Schools. If you have not registered your child please do so. Please call the school if you need help registering. Deadline for Fees is September 30

FORMS: All forms sent home with your child need to be returned no later than Friday, September 10

MILK: Milk will be FREE  for the month of September. Please remember to send back the form by Friday September 10

HOT LUNCH: Hot Lunch will be starting in October--forms will be coming home September 20th. Orders for Hot Lunch will be payable online through School Cash Online; This is the same for the Milk Orders

August 24

Student Fees are now available to be paid online. If you are not yet registered for School Cash Online please do so. If you need help getting registered you can call the school and we will help you through the process. This is the method for receiving all monies in to the school. 

July 31

​All of the Class Supply Lists can be found by clicking on QUICK LINKS at the top of the page and in the drop down menu just click on CLASS SUPPLY LISTS. All of the classes are listed individually

June 29

Grades 1 to 5 start school on Tuesday September 7th. 

Kindergarten will be a Staggered Entry on Tuesday September 7th & 

Wednesday September 8th.  Kindergarten Parents will be notified at the end of August as to which day your child will attend with all the details. 

We hope you all have a great summer

February 25

​HEAD LICE--There have been cases of Head Lice found at school in the last few days. Heading in to the March Break we would like everyone to please check and monitor their child and treat if Live Lice or Nits are found. Also, please recheck them before returning after the break. If live lice are found they need to be cleared up before returning to school. It is a good practice during the school year, especially after breaks and in warmer weather to make sure you are doing random head checks for Lice at home. Information was sent home in the Fall regarding what to look for and how to treat and if anyone wishes to have that information sent home again let us know and we can send it home with your child​. 

January 19

​You can now add School Cash Online to your mobile devices. You will find the tips/instructions under the DOCUMENT section on the right hand side of the page

September 03

​The School Operation Plan is now available under Documents on the right side of the web page

August 26

REMINDER: If you are not already registered for School Cash Online go to the link on our Home Page or on the ASD-W website page and register. We will be accepting Student Fees for 2020-2021 through this method of payment. If you need help getting registered, please call the school​

July 05
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June 23
New Website

All Fredericton Education Centre Schools websites have been transfe​rred over to a new platfrom.  Content will be added in the fall as staff returns.  Navigation is found above with many of the most common pages found under the "Quick Links" heading.