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May 13
Check out what's happening in the gyms:

Elementary School Gym Schedule:

Middle School Gym Schedule:  

Gym Schedules  Elementary Middle (June 3, 2019).docGym Schedules Elementary Middle (June 3, 2019).doc

January 19
Extra Phys. Ed Opportunities

·        Elementary Cross Country
·        Grade 5 Curling Program
·        Grade 8 Curling Program
·        Crabbe Mountain Skiing for middle school classes
·        Elementary Swim Program
January 19
A list of our Athletic Teams

Athletic Teams

·        Track & Field

·        Varsity Girls Volleyball

·        Varsity Boys Volleyball

·        Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

·        Varsity Girls Basketball

·        Varsity Boys Basketball

·        Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

·        Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

·        Mini A Girls Basketball

·        Mini B Girls Basketball

·        Mini A Boys Basketball

·        Varsity Girls Soccer

·        Varsity Boys Soccer

·        CoEd Junior Varsity Soceer


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