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September 19

Thursday, September 20th at 7pm in the music room for all parents/guardians of students who are interested in participating in the RRES Band. This meeting is to discuss the future of the program and is for parents/guardians only, not students. This year, the band will be open to students in grades 3, 4 and 5.

If you have had a child involved in the band program in the past, you know a little about how things tend to operate. If you have not, below is some information on how the program is expected to go:

Rehearsal Schedule

Your child will participate in a weekly group lesson (sectional) with other students learning the same instrument. Starting in January, these sectionals will become bi-weekly and two bands will be formed (junior & senior) and each will have a weekly rehearsal. In addition, each band (junior & senior) will have one rehearsal per week. Additional supplementary learning opportunities will be scheduled as available. All parents will be sent detailed schedules by email for a couple months at a time.
Band Fees

There will be a fee for participation in band and you will be expected in most cases to provide your own instrument (suggestions on how to rent one will be provided). If your family cannot afford the participation fee or the instrument costs, assistance will be provided. The participation fee only covers a small percentage of having a band specialist teach the program. The remainder of the costs will be covered through fundraising.

Parents will be asked to participate in the fundraisers.

What instrument is right for my child?

We offer instruction on the following instruments: woodwinds (flute, clarinet and saxophone), brass (trumpet and trombone), and percussion (drums, bells, cymbals, triangle, tambourine, etc.). The Band Director will help your child choose a suitable instrument, taking into consideration:

      • Personal preference Students will be asked for their top three choices of instrument.
      • Physical make-up Your child’s physical build may help determine which instrument is best suited for him or her. For example, students whose arms are still short may find a trombone or flute to be too much of a reach.
      • Musical ability – Your child’s strengths will be taken into account. For example, a student who plays percussion needs to have a sense of rhythm to be successful.
      • Balance Making music in a band requires a balance of different instruments. Twenty flutes don’t make a band!
      Parent Involvement

      twenty minutes of just "playing" with the instrument.


      There will be concerts at Christmas and in the spring. The band will also participate in the Fredericton Music Festival at the end of April. In addition to these performances, there is the possibility of participating in a concert at Nashwaaksis Middle School or having their band participate in one of our performances.
      If you would like to talk to someone to help decide whether to enroll your child in the band program, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. T or Ms. MacRae. If you are unable to attend the Sept. 20 meeting please email Ms. MacRae.

      Band Support:

      Krista Touesnard (Music Specialist and Co-ordinator) Krista.touesnard@nbed.nb.ca
      Genevieve MacRae (Band Director) glmacrae@gmail.com

      RRES Band Program 2018-2019

      Dear Parents,

      December 01
      Excellent web link to a super video that teaches you more about the game of chess. Check it out!
      November 08
      Chess Club for Grades 3,4 and 5

      The Chess Club has started today! Our school has purchased awesome new chess sets and we are ready to play. Chess Club is open to to Grade 3, 4 and 5 students and you do not need to know how to play to join. We will teach you! Come and join us at lunch recess!

      Grade 3---Tuesdays at 11:50

      Grade 4--Mondays at 11:50

      Grade 5--Fridays at 11:50

      Hope to see you there!

      Mme Doyle :)

      October 27
      Student Leadership at RRS

      Our Grade 5 Student Leadership program is in full swing and we have a group of 48 awesome leaders this year!​ We are going to be taking on several different leadership roles within our school and community. It's going to be a very successful year for our young leaders.

      July 05
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