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October 26
October 2018 PUMPKIN WALK
Park Street Pumpkin Walk ~
Wednesday October 31st , 2018
It's time to SYNERGIZE Park Street! Get your pumpkin carving knives ready for the Park Street Pumpkin Walk! The stage area is going to be transformed into a spooktacular pumpkin display! We would like each student to synergize with their family to carve a pumpkin and bring it to school on Wednesday, October 31st . There are 3 things to note...
1. Drop off pumpkins in the cafeteria at 8:10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 31st (there will be volunteers waiting to help you). Please put your name somewhere on your pumpkin so it will be easier for you to find at pick up time.
2. Please put a flashlight, battery operated tea light or glow stick in your pumpkin to light it up (no candles please!) and the volunteers will turn your light on before the Pumpkin Walk begins.
3. Pick your pumpkin up at the end of the school day (pumpkins will be ready for pick up after 1 pm) and use it to decorate your home. All the classes will take turns going through the display so all the students can enjoy the creativity of all Park Street families!
Volunteers - We will need volunteers to help decorate on Tuesday night, October 30th starting at 6 pm for an hour or so and then 3-4 volunteers to help that morning for setup and tear down. Please contact Susan Harris at suharris@rogers.com if you are available.



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