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November 26
GLEE Concerts

Dear GLEE families,

All the info you need wrapped up in one shiny letter J  Please tape this to your fridge so you know where to go, what to wear and what time to be there for the next 4 shows!  Thank you so much for your continued support families!


Wednesday, Nov 27                 Park Street School

                                                            Silent Auction

                                                            5:45pm arrival (kinderworld)

                                                            6:30pm finish time

                                                            Wear black and white


Friday, Nov 29                           Legislature Building

                                                            NB Legislature tree lighting

                                                            6:45pm arrival (King St entrance – atrium)

                                                            7:30pm finish time

                                                            Wear black bottoms and

warm coat (no xmas hats)


Wednesday, Dec 11                 Park Street School

                                                            Jr Choir, orchestra, GLEE

                                                            6:00pm arrival (my class)

                                                            7:30pm finish time

                                                            Wear black and white


Thursday, Dec 12                       York Care Center (York Manor)

                                                            Christmas performance

                                                            6:15pm arrival (main entrance)

                                                            7:15pm finish time

                                                            Wear black and white


I understand some members cannot make all these shows. That is just fine.  I am thankful for those who can come to any or all the performances!  Merci!!!

Mme Aubé                                                                                                            

November 28
Junior Choir, Orchestra and GLEE concert

Friends and families are invited to attend the Junior Choir, Orchestra and GLEE concert next Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at Park Street School.  Entry is by donation.  Students are asked to wear black bottoms and white tops and be at the school for 6:00pm. We are very excited to share our musical passions with everyone - a lovely way to begin the winter season. Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please email  bryanna.aube@nbed.nb.ca  or  sara.benson@nbed.nb.ca​

October 09
Presidential Election Video
Best of luck to all our candidates for the 2018 Presidential Election!
September 27
Student Council 2018

Congratulations to all the class representatives elected to the Student Council. Please see the attached document for information about the roles/reponsibilities of the Student Council, as well as the election timeline for the position of President.​

SC handout 2018.pdfSC handout 2018.pdf

April 24
Music Festival - Junior Choir

Good afternoon,


Junior Choir heads to music festival this Friday! We are leaving the school at 10:00 am and all parents that are coming are asked to meet us at FHS at 10:15 am. Students should be wearing dark bottoms, rubber boots and spring jackets.


See you then!​

April 24
Music Festival - Orchestra

Good afternoon!


Tomorrow is the day for Full Orchestra to head to music festival, this will be students from senior violin, cello, woodwinds, brass and percussion. We are leaving the school at 9:00 am, so if any parents are able to come with us, please meet us at the school at 9:00am. Students should wear their dark bottoms and will be wearing their orchestra tshirts.​

April 05
Music Program - Spring Concert

Concert Poster.jpg

February 26
Important Junior Choir Information

​Important Dates:

1.      Field trip to see the Little Mermaid: March 22nd, 2018

2.     Music Festival at FHS: TBD (will probably be the week or April 23-27th)

3.     Junior Choir/Orchestra/Glee Spring Concert for the School: May 9th during school hours.

4.     Junior Choir/Orchestra/Glee Spring Concert for Families: May 9th at 6:30 pm​

February 26
Important Orchestra Information

1.      March 23rd: all grade 3-5 orchestra program students (beginner violin, intermediate, senior, cello and all band instruments) will be going to Leo Hayes to see NBYO perform as part of their Canada 150 tour.


2.     Sometime during the week of April 23rd: All full orchestra students (senior violin, cello, brass, woodwinds and percussion) will be going to the music festival at Nasis Middle.



3.     April 28th: Our senior Woodwinds/Brass have been invited to perform with middle school students as a part of Band Blast at FHS. (details to follow for students who are involved)


4.     May 9th during the school day: Junior Choir/Orchestra Glee spring concert for the school (ALL orchestra program students)



5.     May 9th at 6:30 pm: Junior Choir/Orchestra/Glee spring concert for families (donations at the door)​

January 29
Orchestra Practice-A-Thon

Good afternoon Orchestra Program Families!


We will be starting our Practice-A-Thon Fundraiser on February 5th! Students will be coming home with information sheets today (I’ve also attached them to this email). I would like to explain a few things about our Practice-A-Thon.


First and foremost, this is an event to get students to practice (as we find at this time of year students can get into a bit of a practicing slump) and to work together as a group to encourage their peers to spend some more time practicing. The fundraising part, although it will be a great help in raising funds for the music program,  IS NOT mandatory in any way.


Two of our three prizes are focused on the time spent practicing, one for the individual who practices the most and a pizza party for the section that practices the most(on average.) Neither of these prizes have to do with fundraising as I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to participate and have a chance to win.


If anyone has any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Have a great Monday!​

Sponsor Sheet.pdfSponsor Sheet.pdf


Practice Record.pdfPractice Record.pdf

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