New Students
Anglophone School District West is pleased to welcome students from various countries around the world to study in our schools. Students come to us in a variety of different ways; as new permanent residents, as children of parents with Work or Study permits, Exchange Students, or through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Special Considerations

School Registration:

Canadian citizens,
re-locating from other parts of Canada or New Brunswick must register at their "zone" school upon arrival..

Newcomers, from other countries, are to register for school at the closest Education Centre. Once the student has a “School Permit” they can visit the school for final registration, course selection, and schedules. The school will provide you with a list of school supplies required. Please bring passports, all immigration papers, and translated school documents when you come to register for school. We will require your local address, postal code, and telephone number, and immunization papers. Immunization must meet New Brunswick standards. For those who struggle with English, you may wish to bring a representative as a translator.
School Placement: Students are placed in schools that serve the area in which they will be living, these are called ‘zone “schools. If no seats are available at the student’s zone school ASDW reserves the right to transport that student to another school. This alternate placement will be only be for the duration of the current year and the student will be placed in their zone school at the start of the next school year. You can view what school your child should be attending by visiting the “Tranpsortation” section of this website. To determine the school your child will attend, try visiting this page and enter the appropriate information.

Grade Placement
: Many parents and children are nervous about immigration or coming to a new country and feel the need to have placement in one grade lower. Our experience has shown that age appropriate grade level placement provides a very positive social environment and that the initial nervousness and concern disappears very quickly. Exceptions will be granted to those students who should be in Grade 11 or 12 who lack the language skills to be successful with the high school “credit” programs necessary for acceptance into university. These students will be allowed to be placed in grade 10 courses or in some cases a split grade 10-11 considering their marks in other subjects.

Transportation Students who live less than 2.4 km’s from school must walk to school, or be transported by parents or public transit. Students living outside of the radius from their school have the privilege of being provided school bus transportation. You may be able to determine the appropriate bus route by going to the following page;
English as an Additional Language Program (EAL): Upon registration, High School age students may be assigned an appointment for English Language Assessment to assist in placing them in the best classes to meet with success. Where indicated, EAL tutoring will be provided so that students can better advance in language development and be prepared to do academic work at their grade level. Students do not have the option of not taking EAL unless they have proven success with acceptable language standards. Typically, the EAL support will be approximately 30 minutes a day for students in K-3, 45 minutes per day from grades 4-8, and at last 60 minutes per day for High School age students.

– Attendance in Kindergarten is compulsory for all children who reach the age of five years on or before September 1 of the given school year. Children who reach the age of five years between September 2 and December 31 of the given school year, inclusive, are eligible to begin Kindergarten in September, but attendance is not compulsory. Parents of these children may defer the entry into Kindergarten until next September. You may want to refer to the Kindergarten section of this website which can be found here:

School Start Dates
: If possible, you are strongly recommended to enter school at the natural start points at the beginning of Semester One, (typically early September)  or Semester Two,(typically early February). Arriving at another time in the semester does not guarantee you placement in your zone school and may require you being placed in another school. Also, many High School classes may be full. This would result in you not receiving a full course schedule due to insufficient seats. If you are able to notify the school district, in advance, of your arrival it would assist in our placement of the student.  Please refer to the district calendar page.

Parent Work Permit/Study Permit
- Children of parents who have authorization to work or study in Canada are considered International Students but tuition may not be charged tuition in certain cases. This waiver of tuition may be granted to children of parents who are attending degree granting programs at accredited institutions such as University or New Brunswick Community Colleges. Proof of enrolment must be provided. Enrolment of a parent in a private language school will not waive the tuition for their children when attending ASDW  schools.

Provincial Nominee Program
: Students whose parents are registered in the Province of New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program but wish to attend school before they receive their Permanent Residence are considered INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Please go to the following website to make an application: