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June 11
Coaching Positions

​OHS is currently in search of coaches for the following teams:

Girls Hockey, Boys Hockey, Senior Girls Basketball

Please contact Jeff Kirkbride by June 30th if interested:


May 30
Examination Week

​Parents, guardians and students please see the attachment regarding the exam week schedule:


May 24
Graduation 2019 Update
May 22
OHS & Lincoln Partnership

​Oromocto High School students have been working with students at Lincoln Elementary Community School over the last number of weeks, in an effort to engage the primary students in experiential learning opportunities.  The partnership has been a great success, with students from each school benefiting.  Check out more information about the great things that are happening by clicking on the link below :

OHS and Lincoln Elementary Partnership - May 2019.pdfOHS and Lincoln Elementary Partnership - May 2019.pdf

May 16
OHS International Student Program

The New Brunswick International Student Program (NBISP), a program of Atlantic Education International, a government of New Brunswick agency, welcomes students in middle and high school from over 20 countries to attend a New Brunswick school for a few months, a semester or for the full school year.  The program provides an opportunity for visiting students to live with a host family, attend classes with New Brunswick students and participate in extra-curricular and community activities so they can develop their language skills and create lasting friendships. New Brunswick students and communities also benefit through enhanced cultural exposure and positive economic spin-offs.


The program is seeking homestay families for students arriving in September at OHS. The responsibilities of homestay families include providing a bedroom for the student (not shared), internet access, three nutritious meals/day, and most importantly is welcoming students as part of the family. All types of families including those with or without children are invited to apply. Homestay Coordinator, Larry Wood, will meet with applicants for an interview at your home in order to make the best match for both hosts and students. Hosts are required to submit a Criminal Record Check as part of the application  process. A stipend of $350 is paid two times per month to cover costs of hosting.  Larry  provides support to homestay families and students throughout the year and coordinates monthly activities for students. Interested hosts can fill out an expression of interest form at www.nbisp.ca or contact Larry directly at Larry.Wood@nbed.nb.ca

Please see the following links regarding the International Program:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEHWzj0KKvs ​

May 07
Health Canada Vaping Information

Vaping is not harmless and in school the fine is not cheap.

  • Vaping can increase your exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Vaping can lead to nicotine addiction.
  • The long-term consequences of vaping are unknown.
  • It’s rare but defective batteries in vaping products have caused fires and explosions.

Risks of nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. Youth are especially susceptible to its negative effects, as it is known to alter their brain development and can affect memory and concentration. It can also lead to addiction and physical dependence. Not all vaping products contain nicotine, but for those that do, the level of nicotine can vary widely. Some mixtures have very low levels, while others can contain more nicotine than in a typical cigarette. Even if a vaping product does not contain nicotine, there is still a risk of being exposed to other harmful chemicals.​

Risk of a Fine

Vaping or smoking on school grounds is against the law in New Brunswick. Vaping or smoking in the school comes with a fine. If students are caught vaping/smoking in school they are subject to a $172.50 fine issued by local law enforcement. 

Have a Conversation at Home About Vaping

​Please take a moment to read over the attached document from Health Canada and take a moment to talk to your child about vaping. FINAL_English - Talking with Your Teen About Vaping - December 18.pdfFINAL_English - Talking with Your Teen About Vaping - December 18.pdf

February 19
Student Course Selection Handbook
To all Parents and Guardians please the attachment regarding course selection for the 2019-2020 academic year. Students will receive a copy of the Handbook on Friday, February 22nd. 

February 06
OHS Cafeteria


January 17
OHS SchoolWay App

OHS has a new App from SchoolWay that was implemented in September. If you have a smartphone we encourage you to download the OHS SchoolWay App to stay up to date on information being sent from the school. 

A flyer on how to download and set up is attached to this message . It is available for both iOS and Android phones. 

We encourage all those who have not already done so to download the app.

For those who do not have access to a smart phone we will continue to update our OHS website with all important data and documents. ​

SchoolWay App Information 2019.pdfSchoolWay App Information 2019.pdf

October 03
Orange Shirt Day 2018

​OHS staff and students help to celebrate Orange Shirt Day 2018

Orange Shirt day.jpg

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