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April 19
Character Day - Theatre Arts 120

This week students of Theatre Arts 120 will be participating in their midterm assignment – Character Day.
Each day a few students will attend school “in character”. 
Students were instructed to let each of their subject teachers know of their scheduled day.  They are expected to stay in character for the entire day in all classes.  Students have also been advised that their character cannot violate school rules or policies.
Please take this opportunity to invite your “new” student to perform their monologue for your class and/or interact with them.
As usual I invite feedback regarding students and how well they were able to stay in character during your class.
I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone for your cooperation during this assignment.
Mrs. Briden
April 02
OHS Hosting the ASD-W Elementary Dramafest

On Monday, April 3rd and Tuesday April 4th Oromocto High School will be hosting the ASD-W Elementary Dramafest. This event will bring approximately 170 elementary school children to the school as well as their parents, grandparents, and guardians.The OHS Theatre will be used from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on both days for this event.

To avoid disruptions to the elementary performances, the hallway in front of the theatre will be closed to through traffic.  There will be barricades put in place at each end of the hallway to notify students that traffic is re-routed past the library.

Thank you for your support during this festival.

Bev Briden
(on behalf of the ASD-W Elementary Drama Festival Committee)
February 11
2017 Fred Ross Scholarship Application Guidelines

​The Fred Ross Scholarship, valued at $8000, is available to a graduating New Brunswick student entering post secondary studies in visual art or fine craft at a recognized institution.

This is a four (4) year renewable scholarship. An initial payment of $2000 will be awarded on entrance to a recognized institution. It will be renewed annually based on demonstration of successful completion of established university standards in first, second, and third years of study.

The scholarship was created in 2001 to support young artists in the pursuit of excellence. Named for renowned Saint John painter, Fred Ross, this scholarship pays tribute to his remarkable professional career and to his life-long commitment to fostering young artists. The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation’s continued work in developing this scholarship is a mark of respect for both Mr. Ross and the burgeoning talents of New Brunswick youth.

Please open the attached file for more details about this exciting opportunity!


November 23
Courses Offered in the Fine Arts Department

The Fine Arts Department provides students with opportunities in the following course areas:

(01) Graphic Arts & Design 110

(02) Music 09

(03) Music 10

(04) Music 112

(05) Music 113

(06) Music 120

(07) Theatre Arts 120

(08) Visual Arts 09

(09) Visual Arts 10

(10) Visual Arts 110

(11) Visual Arts 120


 Fine Arts SPR


 Faculty of Fine Arts

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​Start Thinking Ahead!
Grade 12 students may apply for the Certificate of Creative Arts. You will need to begin now collecting your art and musical samples to qualify! Also you need to take a minimum of 8 Fine Arts classes. Start preparing now!!!
See one of the Fine Art teachers for more info!

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