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April 09
One for the History Books!

Greetings Dragons! 

Sadly, our time together this year has come to an end.  If nothing else, this is the year you will never forget- we started the year OUTSIDE for 2 full months and now we are ending it INSIDE, at home for even longer, and you have been troopers through it all!  We want you to know we miss you. We truly hope you and your faimilies are healthy and finding activities to keep your minds and bodies active.​ 

April 06
7C E F G H Math


April 06
7C E F G H Math

​It appears I misunderstood the process for providing materials; and for that I sincerely apologize for any confusion I may have caused.  I will post the solutions for the activity I posted on Sunday evening later tonight. All future activities will be shared in a weekly newsletter that will be sent to you via email each week. The first newsletter will be sent out this Thursday, with a series of activities from all subjects....including mathematics to be worked on during the next week.  So this Thursday's newsletter will cover the week of April 14th -17th. 

April 05
7C E F G H Math

Welcome back. I hope everyone is well. My homework blog will serve as the location hub for math activities.  We have been directed to provide a maximum of 10 hrs per week for grade 7 students.  So if you do the math...lol... that works out to 600 total minutes divided by 5 days to equal 120 minutes per day divided by 5 courses to equal a grand total of 24 minutes of math per day.  I will provide an activity with a singular topic each day, followed by solutions for that activity the next day. Completion of these materials is not mandatory, but I encourage you to complete as many as you can. I am also including the web address for a University of Waterloo site​ that provides activities for grade 7/8 students.  It is available in both french and english.  They started providing their activities on March 23rd, so there is already a series of archived materials available.   



March 17
During school closure

Below you will see a list of ideas and website links that your child might wish to use during the school closure to keep their skills sharp J Please note that there is no expectation of your child to do any of these activities – this is simply a means of providing resources and activities should your family choose to use them. Stay healthy and hopeful!


· You will see a list of books on the website link below that start with “Level aa”. Please feel free to start your child off with some of those books to see what they can read independently. When they can read a level with ease (and understand what they’ve read and be able to tell you what the story is about), they can try the next level up. https://www.readinga-z.com/worldlanguages/french/leveled-books/

· Read the French wording on the cereal or other boxed/packaged food items in your home.

· Watch movies in French or watch favourite English movies with the French subtitles option on and the volume off.

SPEAKING AND LISTENING OPTIONS · Listen to French radio stations CJPN 90.5 FM (https://cjpn-chqc-ckma.com/en/cjpn/)

· Practice familiar words and remember the grammar rules we’ve learned this year (silent “s” at the end… two “L’s” together make the “ye” sound, etc…)

· Practice: days of the week; numbers to 100; months of the year; the date; common phrases like “Je m’appelle ____” 

· Teach a younger sibling or a family member how to speak the French you already know! · Online Language Learning site – Duolingo : https://www.duolingo.com/course/fr/en/Lear​n-French

March 17
While we're home

​Good afternoon chères familles,

I hope everyone is staying healty and hopeful. I have received communication from our superintendent that, for the time being, we are not to assign work to be completed at home.  When we were last together on Friday, I showed the students this page and gave them hard copies of the project sheets in order to be prepared either way.  Following the directives, please know that this project is currently optional and should not be a source of further stress.  However, if it is an interesting and welcome distraction and continuation of learning, please feel free to go ahead with it.  I will gladly answer your questions via email (kendra.vanleeuwen@nbed.nb.ca), and will evaluate them, if you'd like.  

Under the links tab of this page there are also links to websites with games and videos to continue learning of Canadian history and politics.  Radio-Canada and CBC Gem also have some great programs, including Canada: The Story of Us which we started in class. 

Take care.

March 13
Great Canadian project

​Good afternoon,

In the Documents tab of this page you will find the explanation for the students' current project on a great Canadian of their choice.  There are specific research questions that we have practiced in class and I would like the students to answer.  While I understand that the research will most likely be completed in English, I would like the students to use the examples of answers to help them write out their answers in sentences.  Please do not permit them to type full sentences into a translator such as Google.  They may look up individual words or expressions on wordreference.com. 

Once the research is complete, they should create a PowerPt or Google slides presentation to share with the class.  

March 13
Ouellette - MATH

Today, I started the class by checking last night's homework.  It would appear that for some students they still  don't understand the importance of completing assigned homework.  Could parents/guardians please take the time to reinforce the importance of doing homework to help them betetr understand the concept being taught.

We then corrected the homework that involved creating a rectangular prism from a developpment and then finding the total surface of the prism.  They need to show the formula, the work, the answer and the ending to get full marks on the sumamtive assessment.

I then assigned the weekend homework which involved creating a triangular prism and cylinder from given developpments and finding the total surface area for both structures.

We will correct together in class and continue with the present outcome.

Have a great weekend.


March 12
Math 8A, 8B and 8C

​The students will be having a divisibility quiz tomorrow.

March 12
7C E F G H Math

​Students received their final assignment for term #2 in class today.  The following shapes and their dimensions are to be placed on a piece of geo paper (also referred to as dot paper):  triangle #1: 7cm X 5cm X 8.6cm ( orange in colour ); triangle #2: 7cm X 3cm X 7.6cm ( orange ); pentagon: 2.2 cmX 2.2cm X 3cm X3cm X2cm ( pink ); oval (gray): no specific size; diamond shape ( brown ) each side 3.2 cm; parallelogram ( purple ) 2.9cmX 4cm; trapezoid ( blue ): 4cm X 8cm X 3.6cm X3.6cm; square ( red ): 4cm X4cm; rectangle #1 ( green ): 11cm X 1cm; rectangle #2: ( green ) 11cm X 3cm.  Due date: March 20th....Value of 10pts.

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