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January 17
Ouellette - MATH

Today, students wrote their Diagnostic Test #2.  Those who were absent today ot did not complete the test will have a chance to do so tomorrow during regular math class.

Students are reminded to have both worksheets on fractions handed out yesterday completed for tomorrow.  We will continue with fractions and the summative test is scheduled for next week. 

Have a great day


January 16
PDCP  8B, 78D, 8E, 8G, & 8H

Today students spent their last day in the lab to complete the two assignments from this week:

Transitioning to High School

Pathways Exploration

Both handouts are available from the documents section of my teacher page.  

Students are expected to hand in their completed work at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Students will finish off the week with a budgeting exercise tomorrow and a look at the New Brunswick Labour Market with a special guest speaker on Friday.

We are back to Sciences Naturelles en francais on Monday to begin preparing for the creation of STEAM projects for the NMS Science Expo.

January 16
Ouellette - MATH

Today, we looked at questions students can expect to see on the sumative test on fractions scheduled for next week.  Afterwards, they received two worksheets on modeling fractions, changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.  These sheets need to be completed for Friday, January 18th.

Reminder that tomorrow, students will be writing their Diagnostic Test #2.  They need to have with them pencils, eraser, ruler, calcualtor and scrap paper. 

Have a great day


January 15
Active Reading-Mark It Up! Lesson 3

 Mark it Up!

Underlining-As you read, underline the important details, information or answers in your text. This helps you stay active and engaged in your reading.

Use your Extreme Weather handout and underline the following details that answer the questions.

1. What is condensation?

2.What do thunderstorms bring with them?

3.What happens to people in a blizzard?

4. Huricanes can also be seen from _____________?

5. FEMA and _______________ help victims of severe weather.

January 15
PDCP  8B, 78D, 8E, 8G, & 8H

​Students started exploring the world of Apprenticeships and Workplace Opportunities.  Students will have 2 classes in the lab to complete the assignment.  I have posted the handouts in the documents section.

January 15
Ouellette - MATH

Today, we corrected last night's homework on reducing fractions to their lowest terms.  Again, I need to stress the importance of completing assigned homework.  We then looked at representing adding and multiplying fractions using models and number lines.

No homework has been assigned for tomorrow but it is HIGHLY recommended to go over the notes from their math binders and journals.  We will continue with fractions tomorrow.

Please note that the Diagnostic Test #2 will be administered on Thursday and Friday.  Students are reminded to bring pencils, eraser, ruler and scrap paper.

Have a great day


January 15
Math 8A, 8C and 8F

​Today we started discussing ratios.

Complete questions 5 and 6 on page 266.


January 14
WHALEN------7B,7C, 7E, 7G,     FILA,SC.HUM. and PDCP




Speeches:  Please have all topics chosen by tomorrow.You may also bring any researched( en français) information to class. All work will be done at school.


Please make sure that your duotangs are completed. We have gone over pg by pg what should be included and coloured for the next collection..


January 14
8A PIF Interview of the Past project

Students in 8A Post Intensive French class, created a list of 12 questions and assisted in creating the grading rubric for a French Interview project.  This was assigned on December 14th with the hope that students would have the chance to interview a family member or family friend from a previous generation, over the holidays, about what life was like for them at your child's current age.  In order to meet the minimum requirements, students only need to provide 3 French questions/answers from their interview.,  Please ask your child if they are done this project.  I am allowing a second extension until Thursday, January 17th.  Thank you for supporting your child with their learning and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.​

January 14
Lesson -Mark it Up!

4 Ways to actively read informational text:

1.     Use a post-it- write answers to questions, important details, main idea, questions down on your post-it as you are reading.

2.     Highlight-main idea and important details to support answers or questions you have or the main idea.

3.     Write in the Margins-Write questions, comments or important details in the margins. Showing you are actively reading.

4.     Underline-Important details like names, dates, purpose of text, or any key terms.

Step 1: Read (1 time)

Step 2: Read again this time using one of the strategies


Read your article given by Mrs. Perez. The second time you read practice one of the strategies. Ex. Highlighting the answers to the questions that were asked of you.


1.     What are the 3 conditions needed to develop a thunderstorm?

2.     What is a tornado?

3.     What is a blizzard?

4.     What are the wind speeds of a hurricane?

5.     What does FEMA stand for?

Only the answers or details to answer the questions should be highlighted.​ 

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