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May 13
On-Line learning for Friday, May 14th, 2021

Hello 8E - 8F - 8G - 8H - 8I math students. Your task today (Friday, May 14th, 2021) is very simple. You must open the attached documents and choose 1 of 3 tasks indicated. We will review, correct and go over all 3 tasks on Tuesday. 

devoir en ligne du 14 mai 2021.docxdevoir en ligne du 14 mai 2021.docx




Have a great day, and better weekend. Stay safe

Mr. Ouellette

May 12
Sciences Naturelles May 13

​Comparer la couleur soustractive et additive.

Montrez les couleurs primaires, secondaires et leurs résultats.

Compare subtractive and additive colour.  Show primary, secondary colours and their combinations,

Décrivez 4 facons que la couleur est employé dans la nature sauvage par les êtres-vivants.

Describe 4 ways in which colour is used in nature by living beings.

Calculer le prix en dollars ($) d'allumer 10 ampules de 8,5 W pendant 10 h par jour pour une année.

Calculate the cost in dollars ($) to light up 10 8.5 W bulbs for 10 hours a day for a year in NB.

May 12
8F - Personal Wellness

​Students started writing their Growth and Development test today in Personal Wellness.  They will get more time tomorrow to continue witing it.  Have a great day.  Mr. Ouellette

May 12
Sciences Naturelles

Décrivez toutes les différents rayons de la radiation électromagnétique. 

Donnez une importance de/pour chaque type de rayon pour les humains.

Dessinez un diagramme.

Describe the different rays of electromagnetic radiation.  Give an importance of each for humans.  Draw a diagram to represent each ray.

Montrez la dispersion de la lumière blanche avec un prisme triangulaire.

Show dispersion of white light with a triangluar prism​

 Montrez la préférence de couleur chez les plantes.

Show the colour preferences of plants.​

May 12
MATH - Ouellette

​Today, students wrote the summative assessment on outcome N7 - Multiply and divide positive and negative integers.  Next unit we will be covering will be GCO - Statistics and Probability.  Have a great day.

Mr. Ouellette

May 11
6EFGHI-Science Curry

​This week in Mme.Curry's Science class...

Students will:

-Be introduced to our Solar System;

-Distances between planets & overall size of solar system;

-Intro to the 8 planets, moons, stars.

At home discussion question:

How big is our solar system? What makes Earth a habitable planet?

May 11
Sciences Naturelles


Divisez la lumière en cinq (sources).  

Donnez des transferts de l’énergie pour chaque.  Expliquez un usage ou utilité de chaque.

Divide light into 5 sources.

Give the energy transfers for each

Explain a use for each.


Définir et expliquez :  Transparente  Translucide  Opaque

Define and explain:  Transparent, Translucent, Opaque


Décrivez une éclipse solaire et dessinez un diagramme.​

Describe a solar eclipse and draw a diagram.

May 11
8F - Personal Wellness

Tomorrow, students will be writing their Human Growth and Development test.  All important material has been attached to yesterday's post.  Remember this test is a "OPEN BOOK TEST".  

Have a great day.  

Mr. Ouellette

May 11
MATH - Ouellette

​Tomorrow, students will be writing the summative test on outcome N7 - Multiply and divide positive and negative integers.  Here are the practice questions students received and worked on in class today.

P.93 15.PNGP.93 15.PNG

P.93 17.PNGP.93 17.PNG

P.97 1,2,3,4.PNGP.97 1,2,3,4.PNG

P.97 5,6.PNGP.97 5,6.PNG

P.97 9,10.PNGP.97 9,10.PNG

P.97 12.PNGP.97 12.PNG

P.98 13,14,15.PNGP.98 13,14,15.PNG

P.98 19,20.PNGP.98 19,20.PNG

P.98 21,22,23.PNGP.98 21,22,23.PNG

P.99 1,2.PNGP.99 1,2.PNG

Have a great day.

Mr. Ouellette

May 10
8F - Personal Wellness

Today, students had the entire Personal Wellness to organize their folders and notes. Tomorrow, they will be going to the Art Room for Personal Wellness. On Wednesday, they will write the summative test on GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT. Students who need more time will be able to continue the test on Thursday.

 Reproductive system for Middle Schoolers NOTES from video.docxReproductive system for Middle Schoolers NOTES from video.docx

Reproductive System - Puberty, Organs, Fertilization, Pregnancy.pptxReproductive System - Puberty, Organs, Fertilization, Pregnancy.pptx

Sexual Development NOTES.docxSexual Development NOTES.docx

Have a great day. 

Mr. Ouellette

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