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January 27
7ABC Math

Happy Friday everyone.   Just a heads up that my specific math help days will be shuffled from week to week.  However, any student can ask me at any given day and if Im available, I will gladly help out:)   

We just began Unit 3 (Fractions and Decimals) and we are currently learning how to transform improper Fractions into Fractional numbers and vise-versa.  We will also be discovering how any fraction can be placed on the same number line even with different denominators. 

We will be having some assessment questions on Monday and they have been practicing over the last two days.  For the questions, they will be asked to create equivalent fractions, transform from improper-fractional (Vise-versa) and order simple types of fractions on a numberline. 

Thank you

Have a great weekend. 


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