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January 23
6DEFGH Maths

​Students received a project involving angles on Friday.  An abstract image must contain  (at least) the following angles hidden inside:  24 right angles ( 90 degrees ); 20 flat angles ( 180 degrees ); 3 angles of 125 degrees; 3 angles of 45 degrees; a combination of 3 consecutive 30 degree angles to equal 90 degrees; a combination of 3 consecutive  60 degree angles to equal 180 degrees; and a combination of 3 consecutive 90 degree angles to equal 270 degrees; 1 angle of 185 degrees; 1 angle of 340 degrees; and 1 angle of 20 degrees.  Other angles will be created and can be added.  Only the list above needs to be identified with numbers on the rough copy.  The final copy is to be coloured in pencil crayon only please.  Angle measurements do not need to be placed on the final copy.  A plain white sheet of paper will be provided by M. MacEwen for your final copy.  The rough copy must be stapled to the final copy.  Rough copy is worth 10 pts.....final copy is worth 15 pts.  Due date: February 3rd.


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