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February 26
Sciences Naturelles

  1. There is NO Sciences Naturelles homework for March 1-5
  2. Students are booked to be in the NMS Computer Lab March 8-12
  3. Priorities for Students during the week of March 8-12 are: 
  1. Complete Scientist Research Poster (assignment sheet and model are posted in the documents section at the website linked below) if not already completed.  Students should take care to hand in their BEST work.
  2. Visit http://www.scienceenligne.ca/ressources/affiches_demarche_scientifique.pdf
  3. Visit http://www.scienceenligne.ca/ressources.asp
  4. Visit  https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/science-fair
  5. Review each section to confirm understanding of the Scientific Method (this has been taught a number of times already in class, in French.  The Sciencebuddies website is useful as there are project examples close by.)
  6. Select a topic/area of interest for practicing the démarche scientifique.  THE NEXT PART (g) WILL BE DONE 100% INDIVIDUALLY NO PARTNERS NO TRIOS
  7. Students will research, prepare and report on a hypothesis they proposed based on an inspiration.  Essentially, students will prepare a project as if they were going to present their work to students, staff and parents in what has traditionally been the NMS Science Fair. 
  8. A number of projects are displayed around my classroom as successful examples.

 Students should be prepared to display their work and present  their a) Hypothesis, b) Testable Question,  and c) Results with their classmates starting the week of March 29th Students will display and present to their class bubbles only.

  1. Evaluation:

*Students will demonstrate their understanding and control of the Scientific Method (Démarche Scientifique)

Students were assigned the opportunity to practice the démarche scientifique 4 times this year so far, with guidance. 

This 5th iteration will be done 100% independently with support from a number of resources.

 *Students will conduct an experiment an present an account of their experience in writing.  

(Inspiration, Hypothesis, Testable Question (with variables) Materials and Protocol, Observations, Results and Conclusion.)

 *Students will present via speaking in French what their Hypothesis and Testable Question were, and what they found as an answer (Results)

 This message is being sent to all parents/guardians on my 8EFGHI contact lists.  This message is being posted to my NMS website blog space.  This message is being posted to 8EFGHI Teams chat areas.

 Thanks for your time and attention,


Mr. L​


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