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April 05
7C E F G H Math

Welcome back. I hope everyone is well. My homework blog will serve as the location hub for math activities.  We have been directed to provide a maximum of 10 hrs per week for grade 7 students.  So if you do the math...lol... that works out to 600 total minutes divided by 5 days to equal 120 minutes per day divided by 5 courses to equal a grand total of 24 minutes of math per day.  I will provide an activity with a singular topic each day, followed by solutions for that activity the next day. Completion of these materials is not mandatory, but I encourage you to complete as many as you can. I am also including the web address for a University of Waterloo site​ that provides activities for grade 7/8 students.  It is available in both french and english.  They started providing their activities on March 23rd, so there is already a series of archived materials available.   




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