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March 12
7C E F G H Math

​Students received their final assignment for term #2 in class today.  The following shapes and their dimensions are to be placed on a piece of geo paper (also referred to as dot paper):  triangle #1: 7cm X 5cm X 8.6cm ( orange in colour ); triangle #2: 7cm X 3cm X 7.6cm ( orange ); pentagon: 2.2 cmX 2.2cm X 3cm X3cm X2cm ( pink ); oval (gray): no specific size; diamond shape ( brown ) each side 3.2 cm; parallelogram ( purple ) 2.9cmX 4cm; trapezoid ( blue ): 4cm X 8cm X 3.6cm X3.6cm; square ( red ): 4cm X4cm; rectangle #1 ( green ): 11cm X 1cm; rectangle #2: ( green ) 11cm X 3cm.  Due date: March 20th....Value of 10pts.


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