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January 22
Mme Stone FILA 6EFGH

​Students will soon begin writing their speeches which will be presented just before March break.  We have been critiquing videos of different styles of speeches in order to understand the body and function of their speech.  Today we are creating introductions together to have a better understanding how to begin their speech.  Topics must be solidified by Friday and we begin the body next week.  Due date for their written part is the week of Feb 10th.

Students are solidying 4 irregular verbs in preparation for a verb unit we will begin in February.  I am finding even in grade 6, many still don't know these verbs (avoir, etre, aller, faire) present tense.  These are mandatory by grade 6 and are necessary in order to properly form other tenses of verbs.  They will be evaluated for the next 3 Fridays.  (one was done last week)  Each week, we add a verb.  Our focus this week is avoir and etre and next week we add aller.


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