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December 11
Read-Aloud for December 11th
Hello grade 6! Great job today in class. Today's homework is to listen to these chapters. For parents, students are to watch the  video listed for their class of an audio reading of 'A Fish in a Tree' for class tomorrow. There are no questions for them to answer, they are only to listen to the video. 

6B & 6F

Begin listening from 10:59 on this video Chapter 12 - 10:59. Then, what that is done, listen to the entire video. From 00:00 to 16:40, here is the link Chapter 13 - 15.

Here are the links again

6A, 6B and 6E
You will watch the entire video.

Watch this entire video for Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Here is the link again

Finally, here is a link to the YouTube channel that has all of the chapters being read-aloud:

Looking forward to seeing you in class tomorrow! Have a great day!

Mr. Knowles


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