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September 25
6E Sciences Humaines Homework

Grade 6 Social Studies is all about culture (yay!).  To begin, we have discussed and explored some of the individual elements that help to form a culture (including, but not limited to: art/music/drama, attitudes, beliefs, language, traditions, clothing, family construct, faith/religion, food, etc). 

Students have been asked to create a visual representation of their personal culture to present to their classmates.  The form that their presentation takes is up to each individual student (they may choose what their finished product looks like).

Students must also submit a written paragraph explaining each cultural component that they have chosen to include, outlining the significance/cultural influence.

This project is due on Wednesday, October 3 (in-class presentations will begin on that date).

Please forward questions to: Natalie.Cormier2@nbed.nb.ca



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