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April 11
​Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising

By fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, you’re collecting donations that fund critical research that’s saving lives, preventing heart disease and stroke, and supporting survivors and their families.

 Please ask your child about their presentation this week and ask them about FAST (Signs for a stroke – Face – Arms – Speech – Time)

 We strongly encourage parents to support their children’s fundraising efforts by asking for support from family, friends, work colleagues and close neighbours; both online and off.

To collect donations offline, use your pledge envelope or printed pledge form to record tax receipting information from each donor. Secure all cash and cheque donations in your pledge envelope or in a blank envelope with the printed pledge form attached (Really well! With two pieces of tape or staples.)

 All fundraising will be due: Tuesday, April 23rd

Thank you for your support!​


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