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February 03
Assignment #1 and Quiz

​Just a reminder that assignment #1 is due on Monday, February 4. There will be a quiz on average and instantaneous rates of change on Tuesday, February 5.

January 23
Pre Cal 110

 Welcome to Pre Cal 110.​

August 27
Welcome back

This is your final year(hopefully)!  There is a likely chance that you have been contemplating your future and where you see yourself in a year's time from this actual day.

Where DO you see yourself this time next year?  How will this be made possible?​

February 06
Please click on the link below for Mr. Inch's 112 History Website
October 23
Music Class


October 23
Grade 10 English Posters

English 1.PNG
English 2.PNG
English 3.PNG

October 23
Grade 9 Science Periodic Table


October 17
Talented Students of NHS's Grade 10 Art Class!


March 30
Girls Varsity Volleyball

Congrats to the girls in going 6-0 on opening in Nackawic on Wednesday.​

March 22
Princep Video
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