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September 21

UNB is offering several virtual events this fall, taking place every Tuesday and Wednesday evening start September 21st , 2021.  Students can RSVP here: UNB Future Student Events 

Any high school student who attends a UNB event (in person or virtually) will be eligible to have the $65 application fee waived!

This also applies when a student books time to meet with the recruiter one-on-one.  (virtual one-on-one meeting booking link​)​
September 21
University of Kings College

King’s will be hosting several virtual events this fall, including an Open House on October 23rd, an Essay Writing Workshop, and Photojournalism Workshop.  Please visit Future Students​ for more information.​

September 21
WIZE Canada Scholarship

Name: Wize Canadian High School Scholarship

 Application link: https://www.wizeprep.com/scholarships/4​

 Amount: $1000 

 Application Deadline: June 30th, 2022

 Eligibility Criteria: 

- Currently enrolled in a Canadian high school

- All grades are eligible (Gr. 9, 10, 11, and 12) (Gr. 8 in provinces/districts where high school starts in Gr. 8) 

- International / distance students are eligible

- No GPA requirement

 How to apply: 

- Visit the application link

- Click "Apply Now" (you will need to sign in for free, takes 20 seconds)

- Fill in our short application form (no essays required)​

September 21
Study in Germany

Atlantic Education International (AEI) is pleased to bring your attention to an exciting opportunity being made available for high school students in the Anglophone sector for the 2022-2023 school year. International travel protocols permitting, AEI will be providing full scholarships for four (4) lucky New Brunswick public school students to spend a year studying in Germany. Students must be entering Grade 10, 11 or 12 in the 2022-23 school year, and must be between the ages of 15-18 on August 15, 2022 (born between April 1, 2004 and August 1, 2007). They must also have an 80% average or better on their June 2021 report card.

The scholarship will include:

• Return airfare and in-country travel to the host community in Germany

• All costs related to school attendance in Germany

• Homestay accommodations with a local host family

• Intensive German language learning camp

• Modest spending money allowance

Interested students can access the online application form by visiting AEI​. The form must be fully completed, signed by the student and their parent or guardian, and submitted on-line by the application deadline of midnight on October 31, 2021. In addition to the completed form, applicants must upload a personal essay of 500-1000 words outlining their desire and suitability for the program, as well as a copy of their June 2021 high school report card.

For more information, please see the attached documents. Study in Germany Poster 2022-2023.pdfStudy in Germany Poster 2022-2023.pdf 

FAQ Germany 2022-2023.pdfFAQ Germany 2022-2023.pdf​

September 13
Loran Scholarship

The Loran Scholars Foundation is beginning its search for the 2022 Loran Scholars.

Valued at up to $100,000, the Loran Award includes study at one of our 25 partner universities in Canada, a living stipend, funding to access summer experiences in Canada and abroad, mentorship, and participation in a community of supporters and alumni working towards a better country and world. Learn more here

This year, there is a single deadline for all applicants: October 13, 2021 before 8pm ET.

All eligible students will be welcome to apply by filling out the application, uploading a transcript, and naming a reference. School sponsorship is no longer required. There is no limit to the number of students who may apply from a single school. 

Please see Mr Gallop for more details.   

September 03
NHS Bell Schedule 2021-2022

NHS Bell Schedule.png

September 02
Laptop Subsidy Program Information

​The laptop subsidy program is in effect again this year. Please visit the link for more information.​

Laptop Subsidy Program Information​

September 02
Personal Support Worker Training


September 02
UNB Early Start Credits

UNB Early Start Credits.png
NHS Student can get UNB credits in their final year of high school. ECS will provide a post-secondary experience online with classmates from many other places.​ See Mr Gallop for more details

September 02
Challenge for Credit Options for NHS Students

Challenge for Credit.png
​Students are able to get credit at NHS for activities they complete outside of the school. If you have completed any of the activites on the right hand column please see Mr Gallop. Come to the Guidance office if you need more information as well. 

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